Sara Maitland

In 2008 Granta published my book – A Book of Silence. It has gone to be an international success (12 translations).  In the book there is “list” of 8 specific psychological/physiological effects of profound and prolonged silence (drawn both on my personal experience and on the reports of historical silence seekers like hermits, solo-adventurers and those accidentally isolated.)  I suggest that all these effects have both a positive and a negative form.

In 2016 Martin Salter got in touch with me because he wanted to make a film that would visually represent these 8 effects.  I had some initial doubts but after we had met and talked I became excited by the concept.

I have worked with him, including being present throughout the filming in a remote cottage in Lochaber (Scottish Highlands) as a “consultant” and also writing the stories that appear (silently) throughout the film. I am delighted with the result which I think is extraordinarily powerful and effective. I think it is honourable to the original intellectual concept, and is also very beautiful.

I see myself as a proud collaborator and part “owner” of the film and very much hope to put energy and commitment into its distribution and publicity.